Friday, July 19, 2019

Ricolino Mint Chocoretas

Every visit to Mexico presents an opportunity to dig into all kinds of new candies. There's one mass-market candy, though, that I grab a bunch of every single time--Ricolino Mint Chocoretas. They consist of mockolate, not chocolate--an automatic no for some. They're quite a bit like Sixlets (also mockolate), in size and sugar shell. Unlike Sixlets, though, I love them. They have a thick sugar shell that presents a substantial crunch--thicker than an m&m shell. The mockolate inside is infused with a strident crisp mint, strong as a Junior Mint all wrapped up in that small mockolate ball. Between the crunchy shell and strong mint, with a little chocolate flavor thrown in, I easily consume these by the handful and bags disappear alarmingly fast. I really wish some stores in NYC sold these--I see other Ricolino candy products but never my Mint Chocoretas!

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