Friday, June 14, 2019

U-Crew Thai Creamery & Tea, Corona, Queens

I randomly stopped into a bubble tea place on lunch break the other day and while ordering my attention was arrested by what appeared to be a very realistic tiny stuffed animal dog toy by the register. As a fan of pups (understatement) I reached out to touch its soft artificial fur and stopped short. Why was it frosty? Why was the clerk reaching to stop my hand? As the tiny dog's "blanket" suggested, this dog is "delicious food," chocolate mouse ice cream, in fact. It's incredible! As yet I remain the same person who used to cry when ice sculptures of animals melted so this also makes me a little bit queasy. It's too real. Uncanny valley. I'm in awe of this feat of ice cream art but couldn't bring myself to take a spoon to that wrinkled face. I'm curious to see what other ice cream creations U-Crew dreams up.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, oh no! Eating a puppy? No, no!! I'm glad it's morning right now. Otherwise, I would have nightmares.