Thursday, April 4, 2019

White Chocolate Marshmallow m&m's

I love to try any new flavor variety of m&m's that are released into the market. Especially ones with a beautiful color scheme--nothing uplifts the heart quite like a mix of candy in super-saturated and complimentary colors. These white chocolate marshmallow m&m's for Spring and/or Easter are such a tempting color mix, balancing a pale ballerina pink that verges on tan with vivid aqua, with flashes of startling white. Unfortunately the marshmallow flavoring is simply drowned out by the super sweet white chocolate. There's a bit of an essence of marshmallow but only if you're looking for it. They're not bad, but they're basically White Chocolate m&m's in new colors of sugar shells. 

Score (flavor):2
Score (pretty): 4

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