Friday, March 1, 2019

New Junior Mints Eggs

Aren't these marbled eggs beautiful? I love the irregular speckles and the three hues of egg. I've never met a Junior Mints holiday variety I didn't like, mostly because the company will mess with the shape or color of the candy for a special edition, but they never mess with the original recipe. Thus, Junior Mint varieties always taste fantastic. Unless you don't like Junior Mints, which I can't relate to. I'm so pleased that they came up with this new variety. There were pastel Junior Mints for Easter in the past, but they weren't nearly as lovely as these. I've already consumed two boxes and have to start pacing myself--it's going to be a long Easter candy season.

Score (Junior Mints): 4+ (always wonderful)
Score (Easter adaptation and innovation): 4+

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