Monday, February 4, 2019

Romantic Overtures: Dove Hearts in Pink Champagne and Milk Chocolate Swirl

Dove Chocolate is great, so no matter what new flavor variety the company releases, you know that the base chocolate layer will taste good. Pink champagne is a cool flavor idea to roll out for Valentine's Day. I like the idea of it as champagne and chocolate are certainly a tasty duo. (I'll come clean and say that I've never had pink champagne and am unsure of the specific flavor). With the knowledge of the desired flavoring I could really taste an essence of aromatic champagne mixed into the chocolate. My tastebuds could make that leap. If I hadn't known that Pink Champagne was the mix-in flavor, I never would have guessed. The chocolate tasted somewhat floral and if pressed, I might have guessed Banana. A far cry from Pink Champagne. So on one hand this experiment proves the strength of suggestion--if told it tastes like Pink Champagne I think it does. When left to my own devices, I veered more toward banana. Even if the flavor is hard to pin down, it's pretty tasty. I would certainly hand these out to colleagues and loved ones alike to celebrate the Valentine's Day Candy Season.

Score (Dove Milk Chocolate): 4
Score (flavor confusion): 2
Score (Valentine themed flavor and packaging): 4

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