Friday, February 22, 2019

Greetings, Easter: Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs

Wow. It was Valentine's Day, it's still February, and yet stores have rolled out the Easter Candy. It's going to be a long season. So we might at well start out with one of the highlights so you can stock up early. Can we all agree that Cadbury Mini Eggs are the best Easter Candy? Does anyone contest this special holiday treat's place at the top of the candy food chain? Now Cadbury has amped it all up with a gorgeous array of colored shells of Shimmer Mini Eggs. Instead of going for the usual bright pastels, Cadbury instead opts for glorious shades of the 1970s palette! Mustard gold, avocado green, purple heather. I love these hues of my childhood! They're beautiful shimmering pebbles of chocolate. If I didn't have a dog who can be poisoned by chocolate I would leave these out in a candy dish for guests all year long. I'm in love.

Score (Cadbury Mini Eggs): 5
Score (Shimmering 70's Hues): 5

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