Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cherry Slurpee Bubble Yum Bubblegum

 I love some sugar-dense bubble gum and always enjoy a brand tie-in--in this case the new evolution emerges in the form of Cherry Slurpee flavored Bubble Yum. Yes, it's just cherry bubble gum. But it's delicious! And it makes me think of many Slurpees of yore, consumed with loved ones during movies. Blowing bubbles and remembering a lifetime of super sweet artificial cherry flavored ice treats puts me in a fantastic mind-set! I try to stick mostly to sugar-free gum, but for an indulgent treat I would happily pick up a pack of this Slurpee gum any time!

Score (Slurpees in my gum): 5
Score (isn't this just cherry gum?): 3
Score (overall bubblegum experience): 4

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