Friday, January 4, 2019

Roadtrip: Jelly Belly Jellybean Factory, Fairfield, California

There are well-produced videos that explain the entire history and production process of Jelly Belly jellybeans throughout the Fairfield, California factory tour. (In case Fairfield doesn't ring a bell, it's about an hour North of the Bay Area).

The 6-generation family company has created a welcoming, whimsical, not to mention Free tour constructed around the production facilities. It's a pleasure to move along the walkway above the factory floor, watching highly trained employees working in tandem with high-tech machines (check out Robot 4 in the photo below).

The factory is filled with an ever-changing mix of aromas from various batches in production--there's a constant but low-level din of machinery along the assembly line. What arrested me--stopped me in my tracks--is the sea of jellybean colors, sorted and stacked by flavor. Like a spice market in Marrakesh, a warehouse of 100 pleasing shades were stacked and ordered across the floor. This sight filled me with absolute delight. The archivist in me loved the sorting and stacking by color, the order inherent to this complicated candy production line. The photographer in me was soothed by these technicolor trays, first neatly ordered and then combined into the sorting machine to create so many variations of the rainbow. The candy lover in me was so hyped up on free samples. This is not to be missed for any candy lover, adult or child, visiting the Bay Area or Sacramento.

Enjoy the vistas.

(obsessive sweets, overstimulated)

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  1. What a beautiful description of that fabulous place! As for me, the aroma of sugar catapulted me into orbit. Anyone visiting the Bay Area should take this tour. You don't need to have children with you!