Monday, January 7, 2019

Classic Razzles and New Razzles Fizzles: First it's Candy...then it's Gum

Remember Razzles, the classic candy that turns into gum? More specifically it reconstitutes from crunchy fruit-flavored to chalk to super sweet flavorful gum and then just as suddenly into a flavorless mass of hardened gum. The trick is to not linger on the individual Razzles. I loved them growing up--a totally unique novelty candy.

Now Razzles are back! Distributed by Concord Confections, a division of Tootsie Roll, Razzles are also being created with Fizz! So it's candy, it's gum, and then there's some foam. Razzles Fizzles are not like pop rocks--more of a pleasing foaming ooze. The flavors are good, too. There's a whole lot going on at once--foaming, chewing, crunches--but these are great as a new novelty candy that refers to another always-classic retro novelty candy.

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