Friday, December 28, 2018

Winter Edition Ritter Sport Spekulatius / Speculoos

I think it's official--I've hit complete Speculoos saturation. Up until the trend washed through American candy aisles, my friend Dan would search out special jars of rare Speculoos cream for me and I hoarded them accordingly. There is something so perfect about that subtle warm gingerbready flavor. But suddenly Speculoos was everywhere--cookies, cream, in candy bars and cookies, as flavoring for Starbucks lattes. It became the new Spiced Pumpkin (but better because it's actually tasty) of the cold months. And suddenly I became awfully picky about my Speculoos. A year or so back, I would have been thrilled by this Ritter Spot Spekulatius milk chocolate bar. It's a great chocolate brand and they created a simple and elegant combination. That said, I prefer Speculoos Cream to the actual cookie. Although it's not yet on the Obsessivesweets, Trader Joe's makes an exceedingly good Speculoos Spread Chocolate Bar and while there are so many options out on the market, I'll probably go for that one and save my Ritter Sport purchases for their incredible Cornflake Bar (mmmmmmm)....

Score (Speculoos cookies/cream): 5
Score (Speculoos market saturation): (burned out) 3
Score (the bar itself): 4
Score (compared to Trader Joe's Speculoos Spread bar): 3

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