Monday, December 17, 2018

Big Chewy Nerds for the Christmas Stocking

Unfortunately, because of a recent move obsessivesweets photos are not currently up to par due to the fact that I can't find my light tent in the boxes. Apologies for shadowy illustrations with bewildering backgrounds--we'll be up and running with well-lit candy shots soon enough.

In the meantime, the photos don't do justice to Big Chewy Nerds packaged as Rudolph's Big Red (Chewy) Nose, designed to be hung over the lip of a Christmas stocking. Clever! Basically, they're jelly beans covered with a bumpy Nerds shell. The crunch and chew are super addictive and that Red tart flavor, whatever it is-- cherry? fruit punch? -- is so yummy. I intended to eat a handful and put the rest aside but ended up going back for repeated handfuls until Rudolph's nose was empty. The plan is to go back and stock up before the season ends.

Score (original packaging): 4
Score (they're so addictive): 4

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