Friday, October 12, 2018

They're Back! Sunkist Fruit Gems

Truth be told I prefer a fruit jelly or fruit gem any day to a gummy candy. To my subjective and somewhat erratic taste-buds, the consistency is so much more pleasing. This love of a good fruit jelly was born decades ago as a child with Sunkist Fruit Gem--I cut my sweet tooth on these babies. All five flavors are delicious although I'd usually leave some of the Lemons and Raspberries for other people while hoarding the Grapefruit, Lime, and Orange. 

Apparently Sunkist Fruit Gems have remained on the market but I had not encountered them on the East Coast in recent years. They just weren't present in the candy aisle. Suddenly I'm seeing them everywhere, now under the Jelly Belly brand. Which is terrific, because Jelly Belly has pervasive distribution. I hadn't realized how much I missed these round fruit jewels, especially the grapefruit. 

One complaint, though. My bag of Fruit Gems contained nine candies--four lemon, three lime, and two grapefruit. Where are my Raspberry? Where are my Orange? We should be guaranteed at least one of each flavor per bag. 

Score (Fruit Gems memory vs reality): 5
Score (now available at my corner store): 5
Score (where is my Orange? where is my Raspberry?): 2

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