Monday, October 29, 2018

Candy Corn in Many Forms: White Candy Corn m&m's

This review was originally published on obsessivesweets September 12, 2012. The opinions still stand, but now represented with far better accompanying photos. 

I'm so excited to have found these limited edition White Chocolate Candy Corn m&m's at my local Target. They were released last year at the same time, but I was never able to track them down (click to read my wishlist preview from last year). I approached them with a mix of excitement and wariness as I can eat pounds of candy corn in one sitting, but white chocolate products do not tend to be favorites. These are basically larger-than-regular m&m's in a candy corn white, yellow, and orange color profile, filled with white chocolate. The bad surprise: I really didn't taste that unique candy corn flavor in there. In the first few I ate, there was an underlying candy corn moment. By the 4th m&m, all I could taste was the white chocolate. That said, the nice surprise is that this is really appealing white chocolate, very soft and melty and not at all waxy, as white chocolate can be. It's a little like eating a ball of sweet white frosting encased in a crunchy shell. Good! Super sweet! Perhaps a little too intensely sweet. Perfect for consuming a handful but I would be hard-pressed to finish a whole box (unlike with regular or peanut butter m&m's).

Score: 3

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