Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcome, Autumn: Bring on the Candy

Until the day after Labor Day, I put on blinders to any Autumnal or Halloween-themed candy. There's plenty of time for that. Each year that September day finally arrives when I allow myself to focus in on those loaded seasonal candy shelves and the first choice is always the same: Brach's Mellow Creme Pumpkins, the hardier cousin of the brand's traditional candy corn. Note the bad photograph above. The bag never makes it home intact. I love those little sugar bombs, and consume an embarrassing number of them in a frenzy. There's nothing better. I'm a hard-core fan. Inevitably I wake up the next morning feeling vaguely sick and strongly regretful and vow to reinstate moderation for the rest of the Halloween Candy Season. Love or hate these classic Fall sweets, their arrival announces the oncoming wave of seasonal candy. Get ready.

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