Friday, August 17, 2018

New Chocolove Ganache & Coconut in Dark Chocolate

Chocolove makes some of my very favorite chocolate bars, bar none. Their chocolate is such a beautiful smooth blend and their flavors are so thoughtful, perfectly calibrated. You just know you're in good hands with a Chocolove bar. As someone who just isn't wild about coconut, I'm a biased reviewer of the new Ganache & Coconut bar. My Mother--a coconut fanatic--could give a more nuanced viewpoint. Alas, she is across the country and so I will try my best. As far as coconut infused candy goes, this is great. There is not a ton of sugar or filler, just a layer of beautifully toasted coconut. The top third of the bar consists of luxurious ganache. This is super smooth and rich, a layer of chocolate truffle to blend with each bite of coconut. Dark chocolate coheres the whole thing, and each taste resembles a high-end truffle more than a bite of chocolate bar. I probably wouldn't return to this bar simply because I prefer other flavors to coconut but this is one of the nicest coconut sweets I've encountered. The coconut is not over-processed or saturated with sugar and the ganache is so exceedingly sumptuous. My only issue: as the photos show, a hot day will instantly melt this lovely bar since the ganache is so delicate. Unfortunately, the box is only guarded with a thin cardboard backing on three sides. The bar was already pretty messed up by the time I could get to it, 10 minutes after purchase. I wish a more sturdy package was provided.

Score (even with a coconut bias): 4
Score (sturdier packaging, please): 2

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  1. It wouldn't have a chance to get messed up with me around.