Friday, August 10, 2018

Milka Triple Caramel Bar from Germany

A very disappointing offering, Milka. Usually I love a Milka chocolate bar. It's a good solid mass-market chocolate and the company creates such a vast array of flavors and fillings. This Triple Caramel milk chocolate bar, though, is a series of mis-steps. It's a great idea -- like the classic Sky Bar, this Milka Triple Caramel offers three different varieties of filling within one bar. There's liquid caramel, like a Caramello Bar. The center squares consist of a caramel patty that's super sweet and vaguely chalky. The squares on the right side of the bar consist of solid milk chocolate with tiny hardened caramel bits suspended throughout. I could barely taste them. The Caramello-type filling was pretty good, but the other two failed to delight. Another complaint: the fragile bar is distributed in a thin paper wrapper. Even while perching it on the top of my bag on the way home, the bar was cracked and caramel was oozing by the time I returned home. If there is oozing caramel in a bar, there should be a structured container to maintain the bar's delicate framework.

Score (the idea of the types of caramel in one bar): 4
Score (1 good flavor to 2 bad flavors): 2
Score (packaging): 1

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