Friday, August 31, 2018

Extreme Sour Chewy Sweetarts

Chewy SweeTarts are totally my jam and always have been. Yes, they've got the sweet and the tart mixing nicely, but the best part is how the consistency changes as you chew, breaking down to the individual sugar crystals. There's no other candy that dissolves quite like a Chewy SweeTart. Here's an example of the company taking a good thing and pushing it too far. Whereas I enjoyed the sweet/tart balance of the original, here one's mouth is instantly searing and the flavor is entirely lost. I don't mind super sour stuff, but in this case, the product was made less delicious because of it.

Score (too much xtreme sourness): 2
Score (don't mess up a classic): 2
Score (that great chewy SweeTarts dissolve): 4

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