Friday, June 22, 2018

Sugar-free Gum for Hot Days: Summer Snow Cone Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Glitter Gum

It's a little bit difficult to capture the glint of the "glitter" in Ice Breakers new Limited Edition Ice Cubes Sugar-free Glitter Gum in Summer Snow Cone flavor. Ice Breakers is my very favorite sugar-free gum, and the flavor of Snow Cone is spot-on. Super sweet and reminiscent of that classic Summer treat. You do see some glinting of light off the gum--little mica-like chips that reflect light. I wouldn't exactly call it glitter and don't think it adds anything, but some people probably enjoy it. Glitter seems to be integrated into everything these days, like unicorns. My only complaint is that the gum loses its flavor fast and you're left with a distinctly not-delicious chew. I went through the whole pack in the course of a day, gnawing on the delicious morsels for about 45 seconds each before the flavor dissipated. Don't get these for the fresh breath or long-lasting flavor. Do get these for a little bit of sparkle and a super tasty (yet fleeting) Summer Snow Cone sugar-free flavor.

Score (flavor): 4
Score (long-lasting flavor): 2

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