Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gummy Snapshot: Haribo Coala-Tatzen (Cola Koala Paws Gummies)

The play on words doesn't exactly translate from German to English but Coala-Tatzen combines the words Cola and Koala Paws. They're cola flavored gummies with little shots of cherry, orange, or lemon in the center in the shape of a super cute paw print. I love the look of them, but wish I liked the cola flavor as much. Artificial cola does not in the least resemble real Coke/Pepsi/general cola flavor to my palette--it never has in any candy form. Because this was a robust version of the flavor the gummies just weren't very compelling to me. Anyone who enjoys a gummy cola bottle, however, will love these.

Score (anti cola-flavored candy bias): 2
Score (adorable visuals): 4

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