Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring Plum Blossoms: Lotte Koume Chan Plum Hard Candies

(Could a reader let me know what this translates to?)

Japanese candy company Lotte is so good at producing creative and alluring packaging. The wrapper art, featuring the candy's title character Koume-chan, is so beautiful and elegant. The boiled sour plum candies are also exquisite, a perfect blend of sour plum with a hint of sugar. Each deep red jewel comes individually wrapped. Within each bag, also, comes one larger candy, identical to the others in all ways except in size. I'm not quite sure why. I hope to keep these on hand at home as they're a perfect after-dinner sweet.

Score (packaging): 5
Score (highest score ever given to a hard candy on obsessivesweets): 4

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