Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Gummy Snapshot: 7 Select Tropical Fruity Flames Gummi Candy

The motto of Tropical Fruity Flames Gummi Candy is "sweet with a little heat." If you go in for that sort of thing--spice--with your sweets this could be a favorite. I don't mess with that kind of thing--all sweet for me, maybe a little sour. That said, these were at the top end of the candies I've experienced that blend sweet and spicy--a trend that only seems to be building steam. The flavors are sweet and you don't notice that tingling sensation of pepper on the tongue until after the fruit flavor starts to dissipate. That said, my tongue was mildly burning for about a minute after consuming the gummy.

Score (layering sensations): 3+
Score (personal bias against spicy candies): 2

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