Friday, May 25, 2018

French Candy that Doubles as Lip Gloss: Tetes Brulees Star Effet Rose a Levres

There's a lot going on in French novelty candy Tetes Brulees (translating to Burnt Heads) Star Rose. First you have small raspberry hard candies with a sour powder core (translating to "acid filling"). Unlike the rest of the candy line, the Star Rose candies are also coated with a rather sparkly pink dye that coats the lips like a shiny lip gloss. It does actually work and I admired my new dual functioning hard candy / makeup discovery. Only hitch, the lips remain so sticky with sugar. The pretty effect lasted about 20 seconds before getting licked off. That said, I know a lot of little kids (and grown-ups) who would enjoy trying these out. Good thing I brought a big bag of them back from France!

Score (sugar and makeup both): 4
Score (pretty lips): 4
Score (sticky lips): 2
Score (innovation): 4

1 comment:

  1. Oh my. I see sticky lips, then I see a kiss to a dog on his fur, and then I see FUR MOUTH! Nice self portrait, though.