Friday, April 6, 2018

Vote! New Crunchy Raspberry m&m's

 m&m's has released another round of flavors in which the audience can vote the favorite into the permanent line. This time there are three Crunchy varieties--Raspberry, Espresso, and Mint. I believe that the Espresso Crunchy will be my favorite--I keep picturing dunking a biscuit into my coffee and how well they blend. In the case of Crunchy Raspberry m&m's, I just didn't love that artificial raspberry flavor. The crunch is ok but doesn't add anything of consequence into the overall bite. These aren't bad, but I would never choose them over myriad other delicious m&m flavors.

To log your vote text 84444 or share your reaction with #VoteCrunchyRaspberry

Score (artificial raspberry flavor): 2
Score (all m&m's are pretty good): 3

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