Friday, April 27, 2018

Sugar and Booze Part 5: Project 7 Sparkling Mimosa Gourmet Gummies

This new trend of mixing up cocktail flavored candies just keeps on producing. One of the companies that's exploring the most unique flavors is Project 7 (you can read reviews of their other booze flavored gummies below). These new Sparkling Mimosa flavored gummies are a bit of a disappointment compared with the rest of the line. I would think that mixing classic orange with the new champagne flavoring would create a refreshing combination in gummy form. Unfortunately, the overall effect is artificial "citrus". It's not like it tastes bad, it just doesn't reflect the name. Not the finest offering, but I'll still be looking forward to tasting whatever new flavor Project 7 releases next.

Score (flavor): 3
Score (accuracy of description): 2

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