Monday, April 9, 2018

Reese's Crunchy King Size Big Cup

There is nothing better to yours truly, Obsessive Sweets, than smooth peanut butter. There has never been a situation in which crunchy peanut butter was preferred. Never. Thus, this is a biased review. How could a Crunchy Reese's Peanut Butter Cup come close to the classic smooth Peanut Butter Cup? There's no way. Not possible. That said, for those who prefer some crunch to their peanut butter, this Reese's Crunchy Big Cup may be a delight. Heavy on the chunks of peanut, I found the crunchy peanut butter to err on the dry and crumbly side. You never have that issue with a classic peanut butter cup. That said, a large size peanut butter cup is a terrific idea. No size is too big when it comes to Reese's!

Score (size): 5
Score (classic Reese's): 5
Score (biased on crunch): (crumbly dry) 2
Score (for fans of crunchy peanut butter): 4

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