Monday, April 2, 2018

Limited Edition Neapolitan m&m's

m&m's are released in myriad variations on the original, and many of them are a delight. Unfortunately, the new limited edition Neapolitan m&m's are all show and no substance. They should really just be called Strawberry m&m's. Yes, the theme is chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, like the classic ice cream flavor. However, the strawberry infused milk chocolate completely dominates all flavor, and the white chocolate is lost in the shuffle. And it's such an artificial cloying strawberry flavor. That said, the recent Strawberry Peanut m&m's were delicious, as the peanut mellowed out and balanced the strawberry flavor. Taste-tester Mark, who enjoys artificial strawberry flavor far more than I, really loved the Neapolitan m&m's. It comes down to this: if you like strawberry flavored chocolate, these might be for you. Otherwise, pass right along to the good stuff. There are plenty of delicious m&m's flavors out there.

Score (my anti-strawberry leanings): 2
Score (pro-strawberry taste-testers): 4

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