Monday, April 30, 2018

Welcome, Spring, and Thank You, Mister Softee

Ode to a Cone. 
Nothing spells Spring like that first (cherry-dipped) Mister Softee soft-serve ice cream of the season. 
I look forward to so many more in ensuing months. 
That Mister Softee jingle sounds its lorelei siren song and I come running!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Sugar and Booze Part 5: Project 7 Sparkling Mimosa Gourmet Gummies

This new trend of mixing up cocktail flavored candies just keeps on producing. One of the companies that's exploring the most unique flavors is Project 7 (you can read reviews of their other booze flavored gummies below). These new Sparkling Mimosa flavored gummies are a bit of a disappointment compared with the rest of the line. I would think that mixing classic orange with the new champagne flavoring would create a refreshing combination in gummy form. Unfortunately, the overall effect is artificial "citrus". It's not like it tastes bad, it just doesn't reflect the name. Not the finest offering, but I'll still be looking forward to tasting whatever new flavor Project 7 releases next.

Score (flavor): 3
Score (accuracy of description): 2

Cocktail Flavored Candies

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Gummy Snapshot: eFrutti Gummy Cupcakes

More gummy innovation from eFrutti with pineapple, strawberry, and banana flavored gummi cupcakes. They're not tasty. Especially the banana one. 
That's secondary, though, to the appealing presentation. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Simple Beauty of Classic Candy: Blue and Purple Sixlets

I fall prey to any marketing through color. I'm entirely susceptible. So when I saw these classic Sixlets for sale at Dylan's Candy Bar - oh that sumptuous violet and deep royal indigo - I lost all track of economy and splurged for a small bag. They are so pleasing in hue. Not to mention tasty Sixlets to snack upon.

Friday, April 20, 2018

New Go-To Favorite: Brooklyn Born Chocolate White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

These Brooklyn Born Chocolate White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups were a total impulse buy, perched by the register at my local organic grocery store. I'm so glad I followed the impulse as these are definitely a new go-to favorite. I never thought the day would come, but I can easily proclaim that this peanut butter center is far more delicious than that of a Reese's. And trust me, I have tried so many of these high-end peanut butter cups and none of their peanut butter fillings rival Reese's. Brooklyn Born Peanut Butter Cups do. The peanut butter is a delightfully melty consistency that pours out of the structured white chocolate shell. I love the thoughtful packaging that protects each delicate square--so often overlooked with filled chocolates. I must try every flavor the company makes.

Score (overall): 5
Score (thoughtful packaging): (bonus) 5

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

James Harden Collector Edition Trolli Sour Brite Sneakers

Obsessivesweets always appreciates an innovative gummy, and Trolli Sour Brites tend to be at the center of a lot of this editioned gummy activity. The latest arrivals, purchased at my local 7-Eleven,  Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Sneakers released as a special James Harden Collector Edition. Visually fun with a nice tie-in to the NBA, these chunky sneaker-shaped gummies are tasty, too.

Score (limited edition collectible gummies): 5
Score (Trolli Sour Brite gummy flavors): 3

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate Patties: Ocho Coconut

Coconut Ocho candies are like bite-sized Mounds bars made with much higher quality and more thoughtful organic ingredients. The dark chocolate perfectly offsets the dense shredded coconut patties. I don't love a coconut candy, so these didn't move me. They were tasty for coconut but that doesn't seem like a fair assessment. I tried these on my esteemed Mother, who loves coconut enough for the entire family. She flipped over them and highly recommends them to other coconut lovers. 

Score: 4

Monday, April 16, 2018

On a Roll with 7 Select Birthday Cake Bites

I did not have the highest hopes for the 7-Select line of candy issued by 7-Eleven. I expected low quality ingredients in fun packaging. I was wrong, though, as each candy I've tasted so far has surpassed my expectations. The 7-Select Birthday Cake Bites are a sleeper hit, as they come out of the package looking a bit misshapen and lackluster compared to the illustrations on the bag. Described as "bits of birthday cake, covered in vanilla icing and confetti sprinkles," and it totally delivers. Most cookie dough bites have a really waxy outer shell in order to contain the delicate interior. The vanilla icing here, though, tastes like the real thing and lacks that offensive waxy quality contained in so many others. The flavor is spot on with strong notes of vanilla and butter. They're super sweet (like birthday cake), but really tasty with a great consistency.

Score (crushing previous assumptions): 5
Score (flavor + consistency): 3
Score (no waxy coating): 4

Friday, April 13, 2018

Flavor Vote: Crunchy Mint m&m's

After the rather disappointing new FlavorVote Raspberry Crunchy m&m's, I wasn't all that excited to try the other two new flavors. But I was so wrong! These new Crunchy Mint m&m's with chocolate cookie center are fantastic! Basically they are small poppable Thin Mints. Less candy than cookie, I couldn't stop eating these upon opening the first package. Which is why I'm afraid to open the second. As far as m&m's innovation, this new Mint Crunchy is top rank!

Score: 4

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gummy Snapshot: eFrutti Gummi Bracelets

Ooh, eFrutti gummies always come in the most whimsical shapes and these gummi bracelets are a new triumph. I love these sweet inexpensive jewels. Buyer beware: they're sticky. Also, not so tasty. They still constitute a new visual favorite.

Score (visuals): 5
Score (gummy innovation): 5
Score (flavor): 2

Monday, April 9, 2018

Reese's Crunchy King Size Big Cup

There is nothing better to yours truly, Obsessive Sweets, than smooth peanut butter. There has never been a situation in which crunchy peanut butter was preferred. Never. Thus, this is a biased review. How could a Crunchy Reese's Peanut Butter Cup come close to the classic smooth Peanut Butter Cup? There's no way. Not possible. That said, for those who prefer some crunch to their peanut butter, this Reese's Crunchy Big Cup may be a delight. Heavy on the chunks of peanut, I found the crunchy peanut butter to err on the dry and crumbly side. You never have that issue with a classic peanut butter cup. That said, a large size peanut butter cup is a terrific idea. No size is too big when it comes to Reese's!

Score (size): 5
Score (classic Reese's): 5
Score (biased on crunch): (crumbly dry) 2
Score (for fans of crunchy peanut butter): 4

Friday, April 6, 2018

Vote! New Crunchy Raspberry m&m's

 m&m's has released another round of flavors in which the audience can vote the favorite into the permanent line. This time there are three Crunchy varieties--Raspberry, Espresso, and Mint. I believe that the Espresso Crunchy will be my favorite--I keep picturing dunking a biscuit into my coffee and how well they blend. In the case of Crunchy Raspberry m&m's, I just didn't love that artificial raspberry flavor. The crunch is ok but doesn't add anything of consequence into the overall bite. These aren't bad, but I would never choose them over myriad other delicious m&m flavors.

To log your vote text 84444 or share your reaction with #VoteCrunchyRaspberry

Score (artificial raspberry flavor): 2
Score (all m&m's are pretty good): 3

Monday, April 2, 2018

Limited Edition Neapolitan m&m's

m&m's are released in myriad variations on the original, and many of them are a delight. Unfortunately, the new limited edition Neapolitan m&m's are all show and no substance. They should really just be called Strawberry m&m's. Yes, the theme is chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, like the classic ice cream flavor. However, the strawberry infused milk chocolate completely dominates all flavor, and the white chocolate is lost in the shuffle. And it's such an artificial cloying strawberry flavor. That said, the recent Strawberry Peanut m&m's were delicious, as the peanut mellowed out and balanced the strawberry flavor. Taste-tester Mark, who enjoys artificial strawberry flavor far more than I, really loved the Neapolitan m&m's. It comes down to this: if you like strawberry flavored chocolate, these might be for you. Otherwise, pass right along to the good stuff. There are plenty of delicious m&m's flavors out there.

Score (my anti-strawberry leanings): 2
Score (pro-strawberry taste-testers): 4