Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter Basket Jellybean Options: Starburst Ice Cream Jellybeans

Starburst Jellybeans are my favorite jellybeans of all (read review here). The flavors hit all the right notes, with something so juicy and vibrant about each one. Starburst Ice Cream Flavors Jellybeans are tasty and a fun variety to sample but don't come close to the original. In strawberry sherbet, orange sherbet, raspberry sorbet, and lemon sorbet, each flavor tastes like an original mixed with cream. Creamsicles are yummy, no complaints, but I don't seek them out. Advice: if you're only getting one bag of jellybeans, go for Starburst original jellybeans; if you're getting a few bags, throw the Ice Cream Flavors jellybeans into the mix.

Score: 3

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