Monday, March 19, 2018

Always Read the Packaging: Soft Strawberry Twists from Flying Tiger, Copenhagen

I love a good licorice, and I really love shopping for frames, containers, and random sundries at Flying Tiger, Copenhagen. On a recent visit, I was pleased to add this box of soft strawberry twists (from Finland!) to my shopping cart. I was ready to dig in, hand poised above the sticky red twists, when some key words on the back of the packaging caught my eye....

Here, look closer....

You're reading that right. "Excess consumption may have a laxative effect." Wow. First, do any readers know which ingredient brings on this unintentional side-effect? I bravely taste-tested one twist in the name of obsessivesweets research but the warning rang in my head and made the sticky lump extra difficult to consume. Just don't do it. No food is worth ignoring a warning such as this. There's far better food on this earth that will not cause adverse intestinal reactions.

Score: 1

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