Monday, February 12, 2018

Boozy Jellybeans, Part 4: Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics

There has been a recent wave of cocktail and alcohol-related candies. Project 7 and Jelly Belly have produced a variety of sweets along the theme, from Draft Beer flavored jellybeans to Champagne flavored gummy bears (see ever-growing list, with links, below). In Jelly Belly's Cocktail Classics Mix, six classic cocktails come to life with surprising realism in jellybean form. Every single flavor is tasty, although I might not have been able to pinpoint all flavors exactly without the handy illustrated key. A special shout-out for the Mojito flavored Jelly Belly. The light mint mixed with lime is perfection. I wish I could buy a bag of only these--they would constitute my go-to jellybean.

Score (innovation): 5
Score (fidelity of flavor to original): 4
Score (overall taste): 3
Score (Mojito jellybeans): 5

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