Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Booze it Up (Without the Booze), Part 3: Project 7 Champagne Dreams Gummy Bears

Project 7 is getting really invested in a number of cocktail and wine related flavors within their sugar free line of gum and gummy bears. Obsessivesweets recently reviewed Project 7's gummy bears flavored like the classic Old Fashioned cocktail (read here). Another review tested the brand's Champagne Dreams sugar free gum (read here). Then there are Jelly Belly's Champagne Bubbly Jelly Beans (read here) as well as the brand's Draft Beer Jelly Beans (read here). Whereas the Project 7 Champagne gum worked pretty well- a dry, less sweet flavor than typical gum--unfortunately the gummy bears just don't hold the flavor as well. They're a little too mellow. I think the Brut Champagne flavor works better than the Rose flavor. Both just need a little more glitz or flourish, perhaps the idea of bubbles somehow worked further into the flavor. I would opt for the Project 7 Champagne gum over the gummy bears, if forced to choose. There's a little additional sparkle to the flavor that works really nicely.

Score (enticing flavor ideas): 4
Score (actual flavor): 3

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