Friday, December 15, 2017

Lindt Limited Edition Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Truffles

 I'm such a fan of the wide new array of Gingerbread flavored Christmas sweets in the candy aisle this year. It's such a fantastic flavor for Wintertime and so refreshing after the onslaught of Pumpkin Spice in the Autumn. Also, ginger, cookies, and chocolate go so beautifully together so it's hard to go wrong with this special flavor. Ginger is wonderful. And Lindt has honed in on traditional gingerbread beautifully in these truffles. Picture Lindt's fantastic smooth milk chocolate truffle filling (perfection) infused with the robust and dark notes of ginger and molasses. This isn't sweet gingerbread with tons of icing. This is gingerbread with soul and spice and depth. It really works. That said, I wonder if dark chocolate might work even better? I'd love to find out. In the meantime, these will do beautifully throughout this holiday season.

Score: 4

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