Sunday, December 24, 2017

German Chocolatier Konditorei Heinemann Champagne Truffle Advent Calendar

Since 1932 German confectioner Konditorei Heinemann has been offering up high-end and exquisitely constructed chocolates. I was lucky enough to sample their crown jewel, the champagne truffle. According to an article on Global Blue, after a five-year study and 57,000 samples, the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat du Japon named these truffles the best in the world. No small shakes that. One bite and it's clear this is an exceptional mouthful. One hour later and I can still taste the champagne. The softer champagne layer adds just the right hint of bittnerness to the sweet chocolate truffle, allowing you to savor it longer. I have not previously encountered these truffles in the NYC market but obsessivesweets reader Abe kindly shared this batch from his private collection. If you encounter these German chocolate delights, I highly recommend stocking up!

Konditorei Heinemann: History

Global Blue: The Best Chocolate Shops of Dusseldorf

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  1. I long to taste these outstanding German chocolates. They sure know how to do it right. Abe