Friday, November 24, 2017

From Mars China: Snickers Oats and Peanuts

Dreams do come true! I read about Snickers Oats & Peanuts (exclusive to Asia) awhile ago and reticently accepted the fact that it was unlikely I would ever encounter this enticing variety of Snickers bar. Recently, however, I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong and right there in the 7-11 of the Central Kowloon Business District, the Snickers Oats and Peanuts bars appeared. It was all worth the wait. As predicted, oats are a fantastic addition to any chocolate and peanut and caramel amalgam. Co-taste-tester Mark agrees that more oats would improve the candy bar even more. There is so much sweet caramel that the oats would help the peanuts offset the sugar with more natural flavors. Honestly, these Snickers Oats should start a whole trend of adding oats into chocolate bars--it's a great combination!

Score: 4

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