Monday, October 16, 2017

Halloween Tricks: Snickers Xscream (Xtreme)

Imagine a classic Snickers bar without the layer of nougat and there you have the Snickers Xtreme, re-branded as Snickers Xscream for Halloween. It's a whole lot of firm caramel with some peanuts suspended throughout. It's tasty, but I miss the nougat, which really coheres and softens each bite of a classic Snickers. I forced taste testers Ben, Will, Alex, and Lori to try the mini bars and all were in consensus--without the nougat, it's missing zing that makes Snickers such a delicious bite. There's nothing wrong with the new incarnation, and it's fun to try varieties of a classic, but the panel of taste-testers agree that they will all return to original Snickers as soon as possible.

Score (new variations on a classic): 4
Score (missing all the nougat): 2
Score (overall): 3

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