Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer Edition: Lindt Hello Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Bar

I'm a big fan of the idiosyncratic and innovative flavors that Lindt produces in their Hello chocolate bar series. They continue to roll out whimsical flavors this summer. For instance, this Lindt Hello Frozen Yogurt bar is something new. Milk chocolate squares are filled with a layer of tart yogurt-flavored cream and another layer of a sweeter wildberry cream. It's an interesting flavor combination--fresh, like summer berries and cream. Combined with the milk chocolate, though, each bite is a little too sweet. I'd be curious to see this yogurt cream filling combined with other fruit flavors, as well as dark chocolate. I think this combo is close to something sensational but not quite there yet.

Score (potential): 4
Score (fillings): 4
Score (overall): 3

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