Friday, August 11, 2017

Temenujka: Violet Candies from Bulgaria

Violet candy is an acquired taste, no matter what form it takes. The beautiful smell of violets is strong and soapy and floral like perfume. It feels a little strange to be eating the flavor rather than smelling it. That said, Violet candy has been a tradition in a number of countries for a number of centuries. The flavor has pervasive staying power. And I like it. Temenujka Violet Hard Candies hail from Bulgaria. They are beautifully formed as violet flowers and when you open the bag, the strong floral aroma is overwhelming. In a nice way. When you pop a candy into your mouth it tastes like sweet soap as the aroma of violets wafts up to your nose. I can't say that it's a delicious taste, but the experience is refreshing. You feel like your breath is fresh and fragrant. I would prefer these to mints after dinner any day. Thank you for finding these, wonderful Veitch family!

Score (breath freshening factor): 5
Score (beauty): 4
Score (taste enjoyment): 2

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