Friday, August 25, 2017

Hammond's Grasshopper Pie Dark Chocolate Bar

Grasshopper Pie is entirely foreign to my palette or experience. However, I love mint with chocolate and it's hard to go wrong with a Hammond's Chocolate Bar. Each chocolate square of the bar is filled with a shiny bright green filling the consistency of a liquid caramel. The color and pearly sheen of the filling is somewhat startling, but I suppose it does look quite like the Creme de Menthe that services as the flavor base of a Grasshopper Pie. The filling is a strong sweet mint flavor that's delicious and it blends beautifully with the dark chocolate. I really enjoyed the bar but wish I had the Grasshopper Pie experience to compare it with. Have any readers with an intimate knowledge of Grasshopper Pie taste tested the bar? I would love to hear their thoughts. Thanks to the wonderful Veitches for procuring this treat!

Score: 4

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