Friday, June 16, 2017

Tirol Fried Banana Chocolate Squares from Japan

Oh my, this whole Tirol chocolate scene is new to me but has been flourishing in Japan since 1962. It's a vast line of unique chocolate flavors, each one delivered in a one-bite cube wrapped in stand-out packaging, and available for a low price. My first experience with Tirol was a Fried Banana White Chocolate cube. The wrapper is so colorful with an image of sliced bananas and colorful flowers. The cube, white chocolate, is stamped with a whimsical house. Why? Who knows, but it's a cute surprise. By this point in the process, I was completely won over. The flavor of banana in the bite is delicious and surprisingly non-artificial (unlike most banana flavored candy). Mixed with light crunchy banana chips, the bite tastes a little bit like a very sweet banana granola bar. The white chocolate casing is not too delicious--I'd say that's the one disappointment of the sweet. It's waxy and doesn't melt in the mouth, and the sugar masks the chocolate flavor. Overall, these are a fun bite but I probably wouldn't return to eat more with any compulsion. That said, I am so excited to find new Tirol flavors to taste-test. A whole new world to explore!

Score (visuals): 5
Score (unique flavor innovation): 5
Score (waxy white chocolate): 2

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