Monday, June 19, 2017

Reese's Mini Sticks

Reese's Sticks are the Reese's brand entry into the already saturated wafer bar market. The key is that Reese's Sticks are layered with rich and creamy Reese's peanut butter and it's a fantastic combination. If you're in the mood for a peanut butter cup but that sounds too heavy or substantial, opt for a Reese's Stick--it will do perfectly. Unfortunately, whereas Reese's Sticks come in a wrapped package, Reese's has also released unwrapped Mini Sticks in a bag. This is such a basic mistake. Even in cool weather, the delicate wafer bars immediately start melting and adhering to one another not to mention getting crushed and crumbled. Lesson to Reese's: keep these darlings safe and individually wrapped as it's the only way they survive distribution.

Score (Reese's Sticks): 5
Score (Reese's Mini Sticks in a Bag): 3

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