Monday, May 15, 2017

Norwegian Nidar Gullbrod Marzipan

It's difficult to identify anything in this world more delicious than marzipan. That is the obsessivesweets official yet biased stance on the matter. This Nidar Gullbrod bar of marzipan coated in a thin sheet of dark chocolate is fantastic. It's the more rough hewn type of marzipan, rather than the super smooth Austrian version. This type of marzipan feels substantial--sweet and heavy and filling, like delicious heavy spackle. The dark chocolate offsets it perfectly, adding a small bitter note to the bite. I love this chocolate marzipan bar, hailing from Norway. If only these were stocked more frequently in the NYC area....

Score (marzipan flavor): 5
Score (inability to procure more): 1
Score (inspires dreams of a marzipan filled American candy aisle): 5





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