Monday, May 1, 2017

New Caramel m&m's

These new Caramel m&m's are a little bit disappointing. Or perhaps I was too excited about them--the anticipation was too high. I love caramel and I love m&m's and the combo seems like a natural fit. There's something a little bland about them, though, The crunch of the m&m shell offsets the soft caramel center nicely, and the thin layer of milk chocolate surrounding the caramel center makes the bite extra rich and creamy. There's nothing to complain about. But they were missing some central ingredient. Maybe the caramel needs to be more flavorful, more buttery? Or maybe there needs to be a little bite or bitterness to the very sweet bite? Maybe the caramel needs to be firmer? I can't put my finger on it. Also, these Caramel m&m's need their own special color combination like every other new line. That's part of the appeal of these new flavor varieties--the color scheme matters. I could happily eat a full bag of these new Caramel m&m's, but would most likely opt for a traditional bag of chocolate-based m&m's.

Score (overall):3
Score (potential): 4

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