Friday, April 21, 2017

Limited Edition Milky Way Marshmallow Caramel Minis

The name of the new limited edition Milky Way Marshmallow Caramel Minis is somewhat misleading. The ostensible layer of "marshmallow" more closely resembles a nice vanilla-flavored nougat. Which is to say that this version of Milky Way is basically vanilla-infused Milky Way, with the same double layer of fluffy nougat and caramel, this time with vanilla added. This isn't a complaint, though. These Milky Ways are really good. The vanilla complements and blends with the caramel really nicely, and the one-bite mini tastes so flavorful yet light-as-air. These limited edition minis are definitely worth a try!

Score (descriptive accuracy): 2
Score (actual taste): 4

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