Monday, March 13, 2017

Project 7 Girl Scouts Thin Mints Sugar-free Gum

Project 7 invents some of the most innovative and whimsical flavors of sugar-free gum on the market (see past Project 7 reviews here). Some flavors work better than others. This new Girl Scouts Thin Mints gum constitutes a nice gum-version of the original cookie. A mellow chocolate gum is coated in a mint shell and they blend really nicely. Personally, chocolate gum is a little off-putting. I like more refreshing flavors. But of the chocolate varieties of gum sampled in the past, this is one of the better ones. Good for Girl Scouts for cross-branding their classic cookies so successfully. (Click here to see all of the variations on Girl Scout Cookies covered on obsessivesweets.)

Score (flavor accuracy): 4
Score (level of deliciousness): 3

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