Friday, March 31, 2017

Bazooka Crunchkins Dessert Flavored Poppers

I love a novelty candies with crazy concepts, even if they rarely taste as good as the idea. Bazooka brand's Crunchkins Dessert Flavored Poppers had me at hello. They're pretty gross, but I love the idea of a malt ball in a shell that tastes like Birthday Cake, Fudge Brownie, or Glazed Donut. Unfortunately the malt balls themselves are not very flavorful and taste a little stale. The birthday cake and fudge brownie shells tasted waxy and weird. I did keep returning to the glazed donut flavored poppers. They didn't exactly taste good, but they did successfully capture that flour and cinnamon taste of a glazed donut. I haven't encountered that before. 

Score (concept): 4
Score (taste): 2

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