Monday, February 13, 2017

Sweets for Your Valentine Sweetie: White Cookie Cupcake Hershey's Kisses

There's a lot happening in the White Cookie Cupcake Hershey's Kisses, released on the market in time for Valentine's Day. Is it White Cookie? Is it Cupcake? It's neither, but it's good. These White Chocolate Hershey's Kisses are infused with that heavy Vanilla Cake Batter flavor that very much mimics the taste of a Vanilla Cupcake. Then you have pink vanilla cookie bits suspended throughout. Cupcakes don't have crunch. White Cookies (so-called) are rarely Pink in color. It's all a little confusing thematically, but I do like the addition of a little bit of crunch in the mix, not to mention flashes of festive Valentine-y pink. They are awfully sweet, so it's difficult to imbibe more than a couple at a time, but each bite is super tasty.

Score (confused flavor theme): 2
Score (taste): 4
Score (overall): 3

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