Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ghirardelli Valentines Dark Chocolate Strawberry Squares

Ghirardelli has been distributing fruit-filled chocolate squares for awhile now. I tried the Blueberry Squares and was in love (read here). I also tasted the Raspberry Squares and they were so good that I consumed them too quickly to photograph or review. The new Valentines Dark Chocolate Strawberry Squares rate just as high as the other two, a real triumph of berry filling. This strawberry filling is truly "jammy," with a thick consistency and natural flavor. I love that Ghirardelli paired it with Dark Chocolate, as many chocolate companies seem to believe that Strawberry and Milk Chocolate should be the predominate pairing. That's usually too sweet, though. The delicate square barely contains the strawberry jam and it seems like a miracle that they don't all get smashed and oozy in transit. But every single one of mine remained intact. These beauties are well worth a taste!

Score: 4

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