Monday, January 16, 2017

Buttered Popcorn Mike and Ike

In the name of scientific exploration, a panel of four young and enthusiastic taste-testers were presented with samples of Mike and Ike Buttered Popcorn flavored candies. Unfortunately, the vote was unanimous: spit it out. Ronan chewed one bite and rejected the offending flavor with zeal. I hope this experiment didn't put him off of buttered popcorn forever. Elsa was impressed with the ability to infuse a candy with such a weird flavor, but did not enjoy the taste. Zachary politely noted that he would probably not enjoy any more of the candies and subtly deposited his allotment in the trash. Conor proclaimed that the candy not only tastes bad but really artificial. These are all astute taste-testers and we are united in our disappointment with this limited edition flavor of Mike and Ikes. I'm pleased the company is trying new flavors, but this one should be discontinued.

Score: (unanimous) 1


  1. These sound like really astute and AUTHENTIC and well-seasoned taste testers!

  2. I personally know 2 of these testers and can vouch for their straight forward and direct responses.