Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Brightside Skittles

Last year, Skittles released Darkside Skittles (read review here), and now we get to enjoy a more upbeat mixture of Brightside Skittles. It's a really nice mix, one of the best Skittles has come up with. Paradise Punch and Pink Lemonade are the big winners. I wish Skittles would issue an all-Paradise Punch edition as I would stockpile those beauties. I didn't enjoy the Kiwi-Banana or Watermelon varieties but that's because I never seem to enjoy artificial watermelon and banana candies, so don't trust my bias on those. The tangerine flavor is juicy but a bit too subtle. Overall, though, it's a beautiful visual array of solid new flavors--well worth a taste-test.

Score: 3