Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Newsworthy: Ample Hills Creamery Serves Up Limited Edition Gilmore Girls Ice Cream

image courtesy of ample hills creamery

Please excuse my flurry of excitement. Unless you're a Gilmore Girls fan, this post may seem superfluous. For true fans, though, this is Big News. Ample Hills Creamery of Brooklyn has made a special Gilmore Girls ice cream, called They Scoop Gilmores, Don't They, in honor of the upcoming reunion special (to run on Netflix beginning at midnight on November 25. Hooray!). Ample Hills Creamery makes incredibly good ice cream and I'm more than happy to engage with (or propel) Gilmore Girls hysteria. Fittingly, the flavor features Coffee and Chocolate Pudding ice creams with snickerdoodle cookie chunks and pink sprinkles. If you don't happen to live in Brooklyn, you can order the ice cream for a limited time from the Ample Hills webpage

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  1. You can order it? I am trying to imagine this! Boy does it sound delish!